torek, 25. december 2012

Xmas time...

- time to be happy
- enjoy with your family
- eat lots of food - better say, too much food :)

I'm not the type of person that makes new year's promises but i am for sure the type that loves to think about some things in my life, for example what i've done in the past year and look forward to some changes in the upcoming year.
And the first of those changes is my blog. :) I created an account a long time ago but now i really decided to start writing and make my blog more personal and readable.

In this shinning time, full of rush, euphoria and emotions, especially for me because December reminds me of someone special in my heart, i still feel kinda lonely from time to time. I miss the feeling that i had 5 years ago, then again... 3 years ago...
It was so nice, the whole world was ours - like it's always when we're together.
Of course i'm glad that i have a lot of people around me, my family, my very special friends, but we all know that the best feeling in the world is having that special Someone.

This year my special Someone is far away unfortunately.. Away from my eyes but not from my heart! Altough I really don't know if he will ever read these words (but I'm sure that someday i will show him this post) I know he knows that he's on my mind every day.

I thought it would be easy... Waiting for Our time... Cuz i know we're still not over and that our time will come... Sooner or later :) I can feel it, I know it... Like i know that now is not the time for us, we have to do some things so that when the time comes it will be right, just as it is supposed to be.

... And until then.... I will dedicate my words to you and keep you in my thoughts...

With all my Love, S.

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